Ten Home Security Tips

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Keeping you possessions safe and secure is on the top of many people’s list, but the sad fact is that any home is a potential target for the would be thief. Improving the security measures in your home is the best way of discouraging a potential burglar and in this article we’ll give show you the top ten home security measures.

  1. Windows – this is the most common way a burglar will gain access to a house, usually at the rear of the property. Breaking a window is often the last resort for a thief as it draws unwanted attention, so it is imperative that you fit all your windows with key operated locks; this is usually enough of a deterrent.
  2. Doors – it is important to ensure that your external doors are strong, well maintained and fitted with security locks. Cylinder locks will provide increased protection and enhanced security at an affordable price. French doors or double doors should also be fitted with top and bottom mortise locks.
  3. Lighting – security lighting is a great way to deter the would be thief, especially in dimly lit areas and the rear of the property. Some security lights come with timer built in so that you can set them to come on when you are away for your home for a few days.
  4. Burglar alarms – burglar alarms are the best way of deterring a criminal and should be one of the first things fitted for security minded home owners. There are many different alarm systems to choose from including those that simply let of an alarm to those that dial a pre-set number, a local security service or the police. You can also get systems that can be controlled by your smartphone.
  5. Fences and gates – an unmaintained or low fence can make gaining access to the rear of the property much easier. Fences should be approximately 6ft high or you could install a row of thorny hedges, these are both good deterrents. Gates should also be sturdy and should lock from the inside with a bolt.
  6. Spare keys – never leave a spare key outside of your house; this is an easy way for intruders to gain access to your house. Instead give the key to the right recipient or get them to pick it up from your work or a neighbour.
  7. Keep valuables out of sight – just as you would a car, keep all of your valuables out of sight in your home too. You might be proud of that brand new laptop you’ve got, but do you really want to be advertising it to the opportunist thief?
  8. Buy a safe – if you have really valuable items like jewellery or have large sums of money in your home then it is a good idea to get a safe. It can be fitted in a hidden location and is ideal for storing valuables such as cash, jewellery and passports safely and securely.
  9. Mark you possessions – if the worst should happen and your home does get burgled it is important that the police can find its rightful owner should they recover them. Marking your possessions by etching your name and postcode is the best way, alternatively you could mark your property with an ultraviolet marker.
  10. Don’t advertise that you are going away – in these modern times social networking is king, but it is important not to advertise the fact that you are going away, especially on public websites.

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