A World of Beds for You

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Choosing a bed is a very personal decision. A decent quality bed should last you anything up to a decade, so it’s a pretty important investment. Your car probably won’t last that long and you’ll spend a lot less time in it.

It’s best to avoid buying used beds as these will almost certainly be infested with dust mites, even if they look like a bargain and they may not conform to the latest standards of fire safety.

Size is a key factor and at least in terms of beds the rule is the bigger the better, just so long as it will fit your room comfortably. Don’t forget, comfort is paramount and two people need a fair bit of space.

There are lots of types of beds on the market, from wooden beds and metal beds to leather beds, sofa beds and bunk beds and it’s largely down to personal taste what type you choose.

Storage under the bed may be an important factor for you and divan beds and wooden beds are best in that department, but remember that you’ll need enough space at the sides to pull the draws or under-bed trolleys out.

Mattresses are another important consideration and you may be surprised at the affordability of things like memory foam mattresses, which are the ultimate in luxury. But you can also chose between more traditional mattresses such as open spring, pocket spring and natural latex, again depending on your personal requirements. Consult your doctor if you have special needs.

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