Choosing between bath panels

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You might need to buy a new bath panel if the existing one has become damaged or worn; if you are changing the colour scheme of your bathroom or if you are installing a new bathroom set. It might seem that choosing a bath panel is a somewhat boring task, however, there are many more options than you might expect.

When thinking of bath panels, most people envisage standard panels, which are either made out of plastic or wood. However, it is also possible to buy decorative bath panels; for example with mirrors or decorative edging and panels that double up as a storage solution.

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy a panel that fits properly if your bath is an unusual shape or is surrounded by walls. It can sometimes be better to buy a sheet material, such as plywood and tile it or paint it to match the style of your bathroom. This way you can achieve a professional finish that suits the decor of the room without struggling to find suitable standard panels.

Bathroom Remodelling

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Updating a bathroom does not always mean having to replace all fixtures. The remodel could be completely cosmetic, reducing the cost and allowing homeowners to do the project without having to hire a professional. By choosing some functional and attractive bathroom accessories, redecorating can be fun and easy. The first thing to do is determine a colour scheme. If the current bathroom is tiled, the choices will be limited, however, with walls that can be painted, there are endless possibilities.

Once the colours are chosen, begin to choose your bathroom accessories. These can be for decorative purposes only or they can be a useful addition, such as a bathroom cabinet to store extra towels. While the paint on the walls will make a dramatic change, never forget the small details. Simply changing the handles on a tap can add a nice effect. Hanging towel racks and changing the soap dishes will also create a whole new look in the room.

Adding mirrors to the walls will make the room look larger, but make sure to place them where they can also be functional. Creating a stunning bathroom suite will not have to take thousands of pounds. It can be done in a few days on a minimal budget. Consider changing lighting, especially if the lights are over the sink. Choosing new glass shades can soften the light and create a relaxing environment. Bathroom suites do not have to have expensive fixtures to make them stunning. Small touches can add dramatic effects, so look for things that can be placed in the bathroom to offer a look of luxury without breaking the bank. Bathroom remodelling can be fun and exciting and when the remodel is cosmetic, it is quite affordable.

Bathroom Accessories – adding the finishing touches

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Adding accessories to your bathroom enables you to achieve your own personal style.  As the bathroom is one of the most important rooms within your home, you may wish to consider adding a variety of accessories that will enable you to transform it into the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Some bathroom accessories are essential whilst others can be added to your bathroom simply to accentuate certain parts of the room.  Shower curtains, wall mirrors and bathroom mats are all essential items and the many styles available enable you to select something that will easily match the rest of your bathroom décor.

Bathroom accessories can help to add style and elegance to your bathroom.  If you are aiming to achieve an Edwardian style for your bathroom, there is a variety of traditional luxury bathroom sets available, designed to help you complete your theme.  For plenty of style and luxury, small accessories such as soap dishes or wash bags are ideal and enable you to add your own personal touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories
not only enable you to add style to your bathroom but also comfort.  It is important to remember that your bathroom is not only used by yourself but also others, such as guests or family members.  Adding accessories such as hand or face towels, stylish basket bins and wall mounted accessories such as toilet roll holders will help to provide comfort, transforming your bathroom into a room that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also one that offers plenty of convenience.

How to Add Style and Elegance to your Bathroom

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If you wish to improve the look of your bathroom, then there are many steps that you can take to add just the right amount of style and elegance to it. Adding your own personal touch to your bathroom will transform it into the perfect place to relax and unwind whilst providing plenty of luxury and style.

Bathroom accessories
such as towel rails are a great choice for adding style and elegance to your bathroom. For extra comfort and luxury, you may wish to consider adding heated towel rails. Towel rails come in a variety of designs and are ideal for those wishing to achieve a stylish, designer look for their bathroom.

Pedestal sinks are a great choice for those wishing to achieve a contemporary or Victorian theme. You can develop your elegant and stylish theme by installing a mirror or cabinet above your sink. Mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles and are the perfect accessory for those wishing to complete an Edwardian or Victorian theme.

If you are on a budget, then you can still achieve a theme that offers plenty of elegance and style to your bathroom by adding small touches. Simple items such as shower curtains, shower screens, bath panels and even small items such as soap dishes and vanity cabinets can help to add a stylish flair to your bathroom.

How to Update Your Bathroom

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Is your bathroom tired and out of date?  You may be surprised at how easy it is to liven-up your bathroom by changing just a few key elements, something that can be done over a weekend.

First, draw out your battle plan.  Make a list of everything in your existing bathroom that you dislike.  Next, browse over images designer bathrooms to gain inspiration.  Once you find key elements that you like, browse through catalogues or websites and decide on the specific items in your bathroom that need to be changed.

Bathroom cabinets can be painted for a fresh look, just be sure to use a proper primer and ask for bathroom paint when you go to buy it.  Consider the colour of the things you are not going to be changing, such as the basin and its surround, the toilet, the bath, the shower.  Remember, bathroom walls are a breeze to paint.  It should only take a few hours, given the relative small size of the room.

The basin and bath taps are fairly easy to replace, as long as you choose an interchangeable style.  Depending on their design, some taps can soon look outdated and just this one simple change, along with matching bathroom cabinet hardware can have a huge impact.

Replacing bathroom accessories is by far the easiest and most economical way to update your bathroom.  If you have a tired looking bathroom mirror, consider swapping it for a more contemporary design.  If your lighting reminds you of 1987, find a replacement system that can be installed without digging through the walls.

Updating your bathroom takes little time and effort, but can make a huge difference.

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures – Consider a Feature Basin

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The bathroom is a functional space and one that is most likely to be visited by guests in your home at one time or another.  For this reason it is important to try and ensure that the décor of your bathroom accurately reflects your household personality and gives the impression that you wish callers to take away with them when they leave.

Injecting personality into an area like a bathroom, with its focus on functionality and its clearly defined role in the home, can be a challenge.  However, there are a few tricks that can help to bring your bathroom decor up to the standard that you require.

One trick for an unforgettable bathroom is to create a feature basin.  While the pedestal basin has long been a staple of British bathrooms, homeowners are now beginning to look beyond this and use this important piece of essential bathroom furniture as an eye catching focal point in an otherwise functional space.

Consumers can choose from a wide range of carefully crafted basins – such as “floating” glass basins without any visible under plumbing or support, industrial style steel basins which are a great look in a minimalist home or, for the bigger bathroom, a double basin wall, which can lend a real feeling of symmetry to geometric designs.

To create a feature basin, homeowners need to look beyond the bathroom as they know it and let their imaginations run wild.

How to Plan Your Perfect Bathroom

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Once the bathroom is decided upon as the next step in a redesign, it’s time to start doing a little research.  Anytime you are looking to make home improvements to any area of your home, it’s important to know what you want.  You should also have a clear idea of what’s available, what’s within your budget and what look you hope to achieve in your home.

If you are creating a room to match the rest of your house, this is a good time to take into account colour choices, bathroom accessories and overall design of the room.  Most bathrooms can be drastically improved upon with a few simple changes: installation of new bathroom tiles, a new shower enclosure or a line of bathroom accessories to match the new colour choice for the walls, for example.  These small changes can add so much to your space.

Start by visiting DIY and home improvement warehouses and taking a look at the designs and plans there.  Visit bathroom tile stores in your area to see what is available in your budge.  Utilise the internet and the vast and limitless research and design sites.  Check out books from your local library that might have thrifty ideas on do-it-yourself projects that are fun for you and your family to do together.  If you have children, elderly or handicapped people who will be using the bathroom, be sure to incorporate safety measures into your plans.

A few small changes to make the room more efficient and warm can make all the difference.

Accessorising Your Bathroom – a great way to make a statement

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When it comes to sprucing up the loo, there are many inexpensive ideas that can be implemented.  There are also a few that cost nothing.  One of the most cost efficient ways to refresh your tired bathroom is to clean it.

If your bathroom is a place where you seek solitude or go to enjoy a calming bath, removing excess clutter is a great way to begin the refreshment process.  A room that is bright, clean and minimally furnished reflects space, air and peacefulness.  If your bathroom is minimally furnished and you are looking to add a little pizzazz, then you may want to consider adding accessories.

Bathroom accessories should be kept clean, simple and functional.  Adding functional pieces such as freestanding sink counters, oversized mirrors and towel stands will compliment anything that may already exist in this room.  Adding smaller bathroom accessories such as towel bars, dried flora or framed photos will add depth.

If it’s colour you are after then adding a fresh coat of off-white paint is an ideal way to brighten and visually enlarge your space.  It is also the best way to show off your new furnishings.  Adding additional bathroom accessories such as fresh towels and matching candles will add a touch of personality.

If are seeking a larger overhaul, try adding a new floor.  With today’s technology, adding a new floor can be done in a day.  Peel-and-stick tiles come in an array of colours and styles and are easy to cut, shape and apply.  Accessorising your floor with fresh new tiles will give an instant update and add style.

Bathroom Towels – adding that finishing touch to your bathroom

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Towels are of course a common accessory in bathrooms all over the world, and as befitting their popularity they are available in several different versions that vary in size and usefulness. The smallest kinds of towels – also known as wash cloths – are small pieces of terrycloth that are used to help people bathing and washing themselves. These kinds of bath towels are generally sold in bulk for a quite reasonable price.

The next size up for bath towels are also known as hand towels and these are the bath towel that you find near the bathroom sink, used to dry the hands (and occasionally the face) after washing with soap and water. While wash cloths are usually kept on the sink or the bath tub (or even in the shower) hand towels are generally hung on a small hanger positioned next to the sink for the sake of convenience and ease of use.

Another form of bath towel is known as the bath mat. These are the towels placed on the bathroom floor for stepping onto following someone taking a shower or a bath, primarily for the purpose of preventing the bathroom floor from being flooded with water falling off the body. For this reason, bath mats are usually somewhat thicker than most other forms of bath towel, for the purpose of greater absorption so as to protect the floor.

The fourth kind of bath towel is the traditional ‘bath towel’ used to dry one’s body after a shower or bath, and the final kind is a larger version of the general bath towel which can extend to up to six feet in length. Known as bath sheets, these are used for the same purpose as the traditional bath towel.

The Gems of Bathroom Hardware

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If you are itching to remodel your bathroom but really don’t have a big budget, head down to the hardware store and hit the jewellery section. Rifling through the choices of cabinet handles and drawers pulls is like running your fingers through diamonds and rubies.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, you will be able to find the special bathroom accessories that you will need to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. You can choose between hammered iron, cut glass, crystal, tile, brushed nickel, wrought iron or polished chrome.

If you have a specific style in your bathroom, such as Victorian, you can choose drawer pulls and knobs in a delicate flower form or a wrought iron stiletto heel. Perhaps you are more eclectic in your style and prefer an ultra-modern design, with abstract shapes that add the right touch to the bathroom.

Moreover, if you have a motif in your bathroom, like a marine environment or aquarium, you will be able to find cabinet and drawer hardware in a multitude of shapes such as fish, ships, shells and sand dollars.

There is sure to be a “jewel” for every design imaginable. Finding the right bathroom cabinet hardware is probably one of the more enjoyable aspects of a bathroom remodelling project. There is sure to be any number of choices to fit your budget, and some of the offered merchandise may surprise you. Games pieces, children’s cartoon characters, mosaics, or even river rocks are available as bathroom hardware.

Hardware as bathroom accessories is like picking the perfect necklace or cufflinks to go with your outfit. They provide the finishing touch and add colour and life to your existing style or design.