Baths and bath panels

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Your bath needs to suit both you and your bathroom.  It should fit in with your lifestyle and your décor.  Many people underestimate the influence a choice of bath can have on the overall look of a bathroom.  For example, free-standing Cleargreen baths add a feeling of extravagance.  Roll-top baths and corner baths are popular choices for those seeking to add a little luxury to the bathroom.  These types of bath have a far greater capacity than a standard bath, so bear in mind they take longer to fill – perfect for a long relaxing soak.  They work best in a room which also has a shower for when you are in a hurry.  Whirlpool baths are another indulgence.

Choosing from the range of standard baths available may be the better option for a family home.  Standard baths work in a variety of settings, and they range from basic to designer.  For these you will need a bath panel to conceal the exposed areas of your bath and the pipework.  Some baths have moulded panels as part of the package, while for others you will need to choose panels.  These panels usually have separate plinths, which allow for movement.  The bath panel must be fitted carefully to ensure that water can’t gather at the top and damage it.  With attractive styles available, your bathroom fittings can be more than practical – they can become a feature in your bathroom.

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