Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Decorating a bedroom can give it a new lease of life and transform it from a drab room into a luxurious one. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the colours for a bedroom, including the colour and style of existing furniture and fittings and who’s room it is i.e. master bedroom, kids bedroom etc.

The bedroom is supposed to be a place for relaxation so try not to put any bright or florescent paints on the wall that could detract from sleeping. A good idea is to have most of the room painted in neutral colours like beige or ivory and having a feature wall painted a different colour. A feature wall painted behind the head board will ensure a good night’s sleep but still add some much needed colour and personality to a room.

Painting a kid’s bedroom

Painting a kid’s bedroom can be a fun project for the whole family and it is important to ask them what they want for their room, whether it is their favourite colour or TV characters. A mural or funky pattern it a great idea for children’s bedrooms, but bear in mind that kids grow up fast, so choose something that they’ll enjoy for a while or you’ll be re-painting before you know it.

Painting furniture to match

If you are completely changing the colour scheme of the bedroom one option is to paint the furniture too. Make sure that you choose the right paint for each material such as wood paint for wooden furniture and metal paint for metal furniture.

The key for bedroom design is to experiment, buy sample paints and paint them on the wall before making your mind up. Sometimes your preferences will change or you might get some more inspiration from these samples.

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