Decorating a bedroom for a teenage girl

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Your little princess isn’t so little now and has grown out of her princess themed room, so where do you start when redecorating? In this article we’ll give you some handy hints in creating the perfect bedroom for your teenage girl.

Storage, storage, storage

Storage is the key to creating an uncluttered room perfect for a teenage girl. Whether they need storage for clothes and shoes or book and CD’s it is important to have planned out space for everything. Under bed storage is great for adding storage without taking up additional space in the bedroom, whereas sliding wardrobes provide custom storage for clothes and shoes. There are a huge range of sliding wardrobes available in a range of different colours that can be built to fit into any bedroom; companies such as and offer bespoke designs at an affordable price with a range of storage options.

Ottomans are also a great option for adding storage to a bedroom and if the room has a bay window why not utilise the space by making a bench seat with some storage underneath.

Another important consideration to think about is adding some kind of desk/make up table to the room. This will provide a practical area in the room for your child to do their school work or talk to their friends through social media away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

Painting and decorating

Pinks, red and oranges are some of the more popular colours in a girl’s bedroom, but at the end of the day it should be up to them to choose a colour scheme because at the end of the day they will be spending all their time in there.

Adding wallpaper to one wall can create a fantastic focal point for the room, whereas pastel or muted colours are timeless and will suit a variety of themes.

Designing a bedroom for a teenage girl needn’t be stressful, it’s a simple task of evaluating the storage and practical needs of your child and choosing a suitable colour scheme.

Fitting a sliding wardrobe

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Sliding wardrobes have been popular for many years for their clean look and ease of use, and are now available using the latest technologies and materials to create a modern storage space.

Custom sliding wardrobes can be purchased from a range of suppliers such as B&Q and Ikea, although specialist manufactures like wardrobes in particular seem very well built. Made to measure sliding wardrobes are designed to fit perfectly into any room and are specially designed to be easy to fit and maintain.

Measure the space

Before ordering your sliding wardrobe it is important to measure the opening accurately, there is nothing worse than having something custom built only for it to not fit properly. First measure the opening horizontally at the top, bottom and middle of the space. Use the average as your measurement for the width. Next measure vertically from the ceiling to the floor at various points (approximately 1 meter apart) and choose the smallest measurement as your height. You can now order your chosen wardrobe.

Fitting a sliding wardrobe

When your made to measure sliding wardrobe arrives the doors will be pre-fitted with the running gear, so all you have to do is mount the top and bottom tracks for the doors to fit in; this makes it easy for the DIYer and also cheaper too as there is no installation fee.

Fit the top track first; this is usually around 600mm from the back wall, but can be adjusted to fit your needs. Measure your depth from both corners of the back wall and mark with a pencil, this will be where the top track will be mounted. Next, drill some holes in the top track approximately 100mm from each end and periodically along the piece. Offer up the top track in its position on the ceiling and get a helper to hold it in place. Mark all of the holes onto the ceiling with a pencil.

Drill the holes in the ceiling and fit some raw plugs, then screw the top track onto the ceiling making sure that it is level with the back wall. The bottom track is fitted in the same way, but before screwing it to the floor it is a good idea to put one of the doors in place and check that its level with a spirit level. When you are happy with the position the bottom track can be screwed to the floor.

Once both tracks are in place you can fit the doors. Slide the doors into the top track at a slight angle and fit them into the bottom track. Check that the doors run smoothly across the whole wall and adjust if needed.

Now you can either fit a wardrobe rail or a set of shelves or both depending on your needs. Now you can sit back and admire your handy work.

Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Decorating a bedroom can give it a new lease of life and transform it from a drab room into a luxurious one. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the colours for a bedroom, including the colour and style of existing furniture and fittings and who’s room it is i.e. master bedroom, kids bedroom etc.

The bedroom is supposed to be a place for relaxation so try not to put any bright or florescent paints on the wall that could detract from sleeping. A good idea is to have most of the room painted in neutral colours like beige or ivory and having a feature wall painted a different colour. A feature wall painted behind the head board will ensure a good night’s sleep but still add some much needed colour and personality to a room.

Painting a kid’s bedroom

Painting a kid’s bedroom can be a fun project for the whole family and it is important to ask them what they want for their room, whether it is their favourite colour or TV characters. A mural or funky pattern it a great idea for children’s bedrooms, but bear in mind that kids grow up fast, so choose something that they’ll enjoy for a while or you’ll be re-painting before you know it.

Painting furniture to match

If you are completely changing the colour scheme of the bedroom one option is to paint the furniture too. Make sure that you choose the right paint for each material such as wood paint for wooden furniture and metal paint for metal furniture.

The key for bedroom design is to experiment, buy sample paints and paint them on the wall before making your mind up. Sometimes your preferences will change or you might get some more inspiration from these samples.

Kid bedroom ideas

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Here are some quick and easy ideas for use in your child’s bedroom.  If you are short on space then under bed storage is a great way of keeping a small room uncluttered.  It can be used to house clothing and toys.  This can stop a bedroom from feeling cramped and claustrophobic.  You can use boxes, wicker baskets or even separately purchased drawers.

The door is an excellent place to hang and store items.  You could add hooks or even use a bathroom door hanging device that is meant to hold towels and other similar things.  This is an effective way to use the other side or the dead space and gives another place to put your belongings.

By using clever wall storage you can create the amount of storage and display space that is needed, even in cramped quarters.  The area above the headboard is an ideal place as it is another generally dead area of wasted space.  By blending the shelves or storage cubes into the overall theme of the room they can look like they are part of the design rather than an afterthought.

The Advantages of Blackout Blinds

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The major advantage of blackout blinds is that they prevent almost all light from entering a room. This is particularly useful for bedroom windows. Babies and children can benefit from having blackout blinds installed in their rooms as blocking out light allows them to take daytime naps more easily and can prevent them from waking too early in the summer. Blackout blinds can also help adults who have difficulty sleeping, especially those who work night shifts and have trouble sleeping during the daylight hours. The material used to make blackout blinds also prevents the light inside a house from being seen from outside, providing an additional level of privacy in rooms such as bathrooms.

Most blackout blinds have a coating on their reverse that not only blocks out light but can also reduce the amount of noise that travels through a window. This can be very useful for people who live by busy roads. A further advantage of the blackout blind is that they can help to reduce energy bills by preventing heat from being lost in the winter. In addition, blackout blinds can also help those who need to sleep in the day during the summer months as they can prevent the sun from making a room too hot.

Blackout blinds can be practical and stylish as they are available in a range of styles, colours and patterns to suit any room. The most common and effective types of blackout blinds are Roman blinds and roller blinds. Roman blinds can look very stylish and luxurious in their own right. Blackout roller blinds take up very little room and are hidden from view when rolled away, meaning that they can also be combined with other blinds or curtains in rooms such as the bedroom or the living room.

Be Economical And Personal With Single Beds

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Space is often an issue that can cause arguments within a family, which is why it is important that you are able to provide your little ones with the space and privacy that they need. Ideally, you would like to maximize space. The use of bunk beds can be appealing, as they are compact and can provide the solution to small bedrooms and their lack of space.  This means that you no longer have to worry about affording a larger house payment for a new larger home that has more bedroom space.

Using single beds that are also storage beds can be an alternative to bunk beds. This means that you will no longer need those large wardrobes or unwanted toy storage places. The use of single beds that double as storage beds not only mean that the bedroom will be tidy, but also that it will look more spacious.

Lighter colours often complement the use of storage beds in a small bedroom as they capture light and give the illusion of space. This does not mean, however, that you should aim to decorate your house entirely in white. Wooden single beds look best in a cosy yet friendly environment that will show off the colour of the wood.

Using complementary colours with wooden storage beds will enhance your satisfaction with your purchase. Beds are items that one purchases infrequently, and getting all the decorating details right will increase the chances that you and your family will have many nights of sweet dreams in your new sleeping environments.

Buying Boys Beds Can Be A Fun Task

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The difference between little boys and little girls is that boys are not as fussy as girls are, and it might seem much more difficult choosing a bed for a girl than a boy. Girls like pretty and detailed things, while boys are fine with just about anything.

When it comes to choosing a bed, your little boy would most likely be happy with anything that is comfortable and soft. One can, however, enhance the boy’s environment by shopping for a theme of your boy’s choosing. This can become a fun task.

Start by selecting the theme for your boy’s room.  Find out what super hero he likes, what television program is his favourite, or if he has a hobby, incorporate it into his bedroom decor. Once you have picked out a theme, shop for the bed first, as it is really the main feature of the room.

Look through all of the children’s beds at your local furniture store and select an appropriate boys bed that will match his theme. Boys’ beds can be found in various designs from car beds to round ball-like beds or even ship shapes and castle designs. You could choose a simple standard four-poster with a double mattress and emphasize your theme by adding the appropriate bedding.

The standard four-poster bed is a good idea, too, because as your boy grows up, you can change the bedding to suit his age. After the bed is placed in the bedroom, bring in furniture and objects that work around the theme of the room.

For boys, less is always more. The fewer objects placed in the bedroom, the less mess left in the room. Always remember that the bed should be the bedroom’s focal point!

Add a Unique Look to Your Home with Personalised Blinds

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Personalised blinds are the perfect choice for those wishing to add something unique to their home. You can personalise any type of blind by adding you own designs and pictures. Adding your own pictures will enable you to add a more personal touch to your home and you can easily create a design that will compliment the rest of your home décor.

Personalised blinds may be a little more expensive, but they are an ideal choice if you wish to add something a little different to your home. Many online stores offer a  personalised blinds section where you can choose from a variety of themed blinds or add your own pictures if you wish. Themed blinds are perfect for rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms and are sure to add something different and fun to your home.

Personalised roller blinds are the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom. You can choose from a selection of pictures for children in the personalised blinds section at many online stores or upload your own personal photos. You can create fun designs or even let your children create their own ideas for their personalised bedroom blinds.

If you love creating your own designs, then personalised blinds are the perfect choice. However, if you are looking for something more affordable, then you could consider installing ready made Venetian or Roman blinds in most rooms and just install personalised blinds in your favourite room rather than in all the rooms within your home.

A World of Beds for You

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Choosing a bed is a very personal decision. A decent quality bed should last you anything up to a decade, so it’s a pretty important investment. Your car probably won’t last that long and you’ll spend a lot less time in it.

It’s best to avoid buying used beds as these will almost certainly be infested with dust mites, even if they look like a bargain and they may not conform to the latest standards of fire safety.

Size is a key factor and at least in terms of beds the rule is the bigger the better, just so long as it will fit your room comfortably. Don’t forget, comfort is paramount and two people need a fair bit of space.

There are lots of types of beds on the market, from wooden beds and metal beds to leather beds, sofa beds and bunk beds and it’s largely down to personal taste what type you choose.

Storage under the bed may be an important factor for you and divan beds and wooden beds are best in that department, but remember that you’ll need enough space at the sides to pull the draws or under-bed trolleys out.

Mattresses are another important consideration and you may be surprised at the affordability of things like memory foam mattresses, which are the ultimate in luxury. But you can also chose between more traditional mattresses such as open spring, pocket spring and natural latex, again depending on your personal requirements. Consult your doctor if you have special needs.

Types of beds to choose from

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Many people unfortunately still think of a bed as a surface to lie unconscious on, and give only cursory consideration to the frame, and often none at all to the mattress. This is a mistake, because a bed is a major purchase in terms of quality of life. If you’re going to spend up to half your life in a bed, you’ll want it to be perfectly suited to your needs.

Mattresses are certainly the most important part of any bed, with the frame itself serving a decorative and aesthetic function. Mattresses and their bases, where applicable, use various technologies to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Open spring mattresses are the conventional type, with springs supported by layers of polymers and natural fibres applying uniform resistance throughout the mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses are more sophisticated, with individually-docked springs working independently to different boy weights. These mattresses are better for those sleeping with a partner of different bulk, but are generally more comfortable than their open spring counterparts.

Bear in mind that the quality of the springs themselves is more important than their number.

With metal beds, wooden beds, children’s beds, guest beds, bunk beds, leather beds and many more types to choose from, you’re sure to find the beds best for you.

Don’t forget the humble headboards either. These can be veritable fashion accessories these days, wall-mounted to free up space and of contemporary or classic design. Anyone who likes reading or watching TV in bed knows the value of headboards.