Be Economical And Personal With Single Beds

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Space is often an issue that can cause arguments within a family, which is why it is important that you are able to provide your little ones with the space and privacy that they need. Ideally, you would like to maximize space. The use of bunk beds can be appealing, as they are compact and can provide the solution to small bedrooms and their lack of space.  This means that you no longer have to worry about affording a larger house payment for a new larger home that has more bedroom space.

Using single beds that are also storage beds can be an alternative to bunk beds. This means that you will no longer need those large wardrobes or unwanted toy storage places. The use of single beds that double as storage beds not only mean that the bedroom will be tidy, but also that it will look more spacious.

Lighter colours often complement the use of storage beds in a small bedroom as they capture light and give the illusion of space. This does not mean, however, that you should aim to decorate your house entirely in white. Wooden single beds look best in a cosy yet friendly environment that will show off the colour of the wood.

Using complementary colours with wooden storage beds will enhance your satisfaction with your purchase. Beds are items that one purchases infrequently, and getting all the decorating details right will increase the chances that you and your family will have many nights of sweet dreams in your new sleeping environments.

Buying Boys Beds Can Be A Fun Task

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The difference between little boys and little girls is that boys are not as fussy as girls are, and it might seem much more difficult choosing a bed for a girl than a boy. Girls like pretty and detailed things, while boys are fine with just about anything.

When it comes to choosing a bed, your little boy would most likely be happy with anything that is comfortable and soft. One can, however, enhance the boy’s environment by shopping for a theme of your boy’s choosing. This can become a fun task.

Start by selecting the theme for your boy’s room.  Find out what super hero he likes, what television program is his favourite, or if he has a hobby, incorporate it into his bedroom decor. Once you have picked out a theme, shop for the bed first, as it is really the main feature of the room.

Look through all of the children’s beds at your local furniture store and select an appropriate boys bed that will match his theme. Boys’ beds can be found in various designs from car beds to round ball-like beds or even ship shapes and castle designs. You could choose a simple standard four-poster with a double mattress and emphasize your theme by adding the appropriate bedding.

The standard four-poster bed is a good idea, too, because as your boy grows up, you can change the bedding to suit his age. After the bed is placed in the bedroom, bring in furniture and objects that work around the theme of the room.

For boys, less is always more. The fewer objects placed in the bedroom, the less mess left in the room. Always remember that the bed should be the bedroom’s focal point!

A World of Beds for You

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Choosing a bed is a very personal decision. A decent quality bed should last you anything up to a decade, so it’s a pretty important investment. Your car probably won’t last that long and you’ll spend a lot less time in it.

It’s best to avoid buying used beds as these will almost certainly be infested with dust mites, even if they look like a bargain and they may not conform to the latest standards of fire safety.

Size is a key factor and at least in terms of beds the rule is the bigger the better, just so long as it will fit your room comfortably. Don’t forget, comfort is paramount and two people need a fair bit of space.

There are lots of types of beds on the market, from wooden beds and metal beds to leather beds, sofa beds and bunk beds and it’s largely down to personal taste what type you choose.

Storage under the bed may be an important factor for you and divan beds and wooden beds are best in that department, but remember that you’ll need enough space at the sides to pull the draws or under-bed trolleys out.

Mattresses are another important consideration and you may be surprised at the affordability of things like memory foam mattresses, which are the ultimate in luxury. But you can also chose between more traditional mattresses such as open spring, pocket spring and natural latex, again depending on your personal requirements. Consult your doctor if you have special needs.

Bed options

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Choosing your bed is a rather special decision. It is a piece of household furniture but its function is much more important than that of many other items in the house. Not only must it blend in with your interior decor, but it must also provide the perfect surface for a night’s sleep and different individuals will have different requirements here.

Bed frames come in all shapes and sizes. There are metal beds, wooden beds and even leather beds, so the material is probably the first decision you choose and this will be more or less instinctive and based on your aesthetic tastes.

The sizes of beds also vary greatly and will depend on the space available as well as how many people are going to be using them. A king-size bed might be your dream, but it has to fit the space available. A good rule of thumb is to choose the biggest feasible bed size for a room, as only a couple of extra inches could make the difference between a good or uncomfortable night’s sleep, especially if there are two of you involved.

Apart from metal beds, wooden beds and leather beds, there are other choices. Platform or divan beds use mattresses and while they usually have space beneath for drawers, have no headboards or footboards.

Adjustable beds are designed for those with special needs and who require their own mattresses, which can be raised and lowered with the bed frame via a control unit.

Bunk beds and sofa beds are becoming increasingly fashionable, with their stylish designs and space saving attributes.

How to Build a Raised Bed

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Raised beds are a fantastic addition to any garden, especially for those who want small easily maintained growing areas.  They are also great for gardeners who may have movement difficulties, as raising the bed from ground level and having plants at a more manageable height is a great help.  Moreover, with many urban gardens now being so small, they also make the most of the growing space that an individual has to work with.

Making a raised bed is relatively easy, and with only a few simple tools and materials, a new easy to manage flower or vegetable growing area can be made in no time.

Step 1:
Measure out the area that you need to construct the bed for.  Beds can be as long as you like but should not be wider than one and a half arms length so that they can be easily managed.  Take measurements to create a box with four sides, and remember additional materials for creating the height.

Step 2:
If using recycled railway sleepers, which are a fantastic raised bed building material, ensure that they are cut to size before they arrive, as cutting such components will need specialised equipment.  If you are using more easily cut materials, cut all components to the correct lengths before using a drill to create pilot holes for the screws.  You can then screw the planks together to form the box.  Wooden stakes can be used in each corner, allowing planks to be stacked and drilled to create the required height.  If using sleepers, they can simply be laid on top of one another with retaining stakes driven into the ground to keep them in place.

Step 3:
Once the overall shape has been constructed, use fresh compost to fill the bed.  This prevents the introduction of weeds and unwanted pests, and allows for your new raised bed to be as productive as possible.  You can then put in seeds and plants and start to enjoy this simply made and easy to manage raised bed.

What sort of Bed to Choose?

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A good night’s sleep is extremely important to your quality of life, especially in the busy modern world where many people assume the can get by on just a few hours rest. However, the payback comes in the form of aching back and joints, lethargy and often depression. Sleep is the time when we recharge our batteries and prepare for the next day, so selecting the correct bed frame and mattress is an important decision.

When you choose the bed frame itself there are wooden beds and metal beds available, depending on individual tastes. Larger beds are suitable for the master bedroom, but when it comes to children’s’ beds and guest beds you have quite a varied choice.

Sofa beds are ideal for smaller rooms such as guest rooms, but they can also fit well into living rooms, typical amongst these are the three-seat sofa beds with plush cushions, which come in a range of attractive styles and materials. They can be folded out with minimal fuss to make a good bed for any unexpected guests.

Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes, the smallest being chair-beds that can be placed in a small room and converted swiftly into a bed. These are also ideal as children’s’ beds.

Divan beds have extra storage space underneath, which is an important consideration as bedrooms are frequently overcrowded and short on space. Bunk beds for the kids will free up a lot of space and be popular at the same time.

Beds for all the Family

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With so many styles and types of beds available we are no longer limited to the old choice of double or single, metal beds or wooden beds, for every bedroom in the house. Instead, your choice of beds for different rooms can be an integral factor in the interior decor of your home and can even express the personalities of their occupants.

The master bedroom will typically be dominated by a double or king-size fixed bed, with or without storage space beneath, but even here you might choose to try out a sofa bed. These come in a range of designs and fabrics and convert easily into fashionable and comfortable sofas during the day. The bedroom can therefore be used as an area for relaxation during the daylight hours and as a bedroom at night.

Children’s beds come in all shapes and sizes and space can be freed up if you choose bunk beds, which stack neatly on top of each other or can be detached and used as normal beds if the novelty wears off.

Sofa beds are very popular with teenagers, who highly prize their living spaces and who appreciate the flexibility they afford.
For the unexpected visitor, guest beds can be tucked neatly away as sofa beds in spare rooms or even in the living room. Futons also make for ideal guest beds, which can be rolled out of the way when not being used.

Choosing a Sofa Bed

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Sofa beds have been looked down on for far too long. Many people remember the sofa beds of old, with the metal bar beneath a thin mattress that caused sleepless nights and backaches for days thereafter.

Things have progressed quite a bit since then. Sofa beds now come in a variety of styles and sizes, from the traditional design to futons to the newest “flip flop” sofa beds that have no metal frame! These newest designs have wooden frames, but the back and seat of the sofa simply slide down so they lay beside each other, creating a flat sleep surface.

Sofa beds also come in many fabrics and materials, from zebra-striped fabric to sumptuous, elegant leather. Some have a sleek, modern look that may incorporate touches of metal for a more urban feel; others have arms or feet of thick, dark wood that give more of an Old World feel. Some have arms, some don’t, and the sizes can vary substantially.

One of the newer sizes is the “apartment size” sofa bed. Larger than a loveseat, but shorter than a standard sofa, this size is perfect for those furnishing a small apartment or flat. A real space-saver, this piece of furniture can function as seating during the day and sleeping space at night. And it still leaves space for you to walk around!

Of course, for those with more space, a standard Queen sleeper can usually accommodate sheets that you already have in your home, saving you from buying sofa bed-specific sheets. And some sofa beds have hidden storage space for pillows, allowing you to keep them tucked neatly out of the way until they’re needed.

Sofa beds should be a strong consideration for anyone needing style and versatility to co-exist within the same room.

Choosing the right Bed Frames

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The old, traditional wooden beds have always been popular and even more so since the warm pine, Scandinavian look started taking off in the UK a few decades ago. This type of bed has the disadvantage of being difficult to move around and usually sits higher from the floor than a metal bed. The advantages of wooden beds for, many people, is that you can fix headboards and footboards to them, providing a cosy feeling and a good support for cushions if you’re one of those who like reading or watching TV in bed. Wooden beds usually are designed with wooden slats inserted between the frame in order to provide added support.

Metal beds are coming back into fashion, as they tend to have more character than wooden beds and attract people who are fashion-conscious or keen to flaunt their tastes. Many consider them rather eccentric, but they do have potential in terms of interesting interior design schemes and can be exquisitely comfortable. You can buy metal beds in all sizes, with the larger ones having a central support and feature either wheels on the corners or lie flush with the floor on casters. The design of the frame ensures that the mattress is unlikely to slide off and a headboard can usually be fitted.

You could also choose from bunk beds and adjustable beds, which you go for really depends on your personal tastes, needs and above all, space limitations.

Choosing a bed

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Choosing a bed is at least as important as choosing a car. You’ll probably be spending a lot more time in it, and it’s much better for you. When you think about the importance of a good night’s sleep for recharging your drained batteries, the importance of the type of bed you lie in can hardly be exaggerated.

Bed frames come in a wide range of styles and materials. Metal beds are becoming increasingly popular as they’re seen to lend elegance to the decor of the bedroom, but many people still prefer the traditional wooden beds. Leather beds are also available. It depends on individual aesthetic and the existing bedroom furniture.

Choose headboards that enhance the ambience of bedrooms. Many are fixed to the frame, but wall-mounted headboards are very popular because not only can they be a design feature in themselves, but they free up a valuable few inches of space in an often crowded room.

For guest beds, divans are a popular option, incorporating extra storage space underneath and helping to keep a small room relatively uncluttered. Sofa beds transform a bedroom or other living space into a multi-purpose area.

The choice of mattresses is vast, and the technologies deployed to help give you a good night’s sleep are impressive. Memory foam will react and soften to body heat, moulding to your shifting positions, and pocket spring systems will allow every spring to separately and independently push against differential weights applied to them.