Blackout Blinds – for that added privacy

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Blackout blinds are designed to totally block out sunlight and in turn heighten privacy; they are common in bathrooms and bedrooms because of these properties.  Conventional window blinds and curtains contain gaps that allow sunlight through, which can disturb sleep, and may not provide full window coverage.

Blackout blinds usually take the form of roller blinds, and are composed of high-density materials that may also provide thermal protection, in addition to existing properties of the windowpane.  Although this form of blind is recommended for spaces that necessitate privacy, they are available in a number of different coloured and patterned materials meaning that they can be installed all round the home, demonstrating practicality and style.  They can also be custom-made depending on the customer’s needs (some blackout blinds can be cut to size by the user as opposed to being measured and cut professionally, as due to the properties of the material they do not fray) with the possibility of other decorative features e.g. chains.  During the day, the blinds can be retracted using the roller mechanism to allow sunlight into the room, or left partially rolled for decoration.

This form of blind can also be used with a curtain to remove gaps where light can penetrate the room and disturb sleep.  Within the UK, portable blackout blind kits have been developed and are extremely popular with those travelling long distances and for caravan users.  These can be attached to the required area using specially designed adhesive tape and Velcro patches.

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  1. Teddy Says:

    I used to have these in my room when I was a student and when I left that house, I couldn’t take them with me. I’ve never slept that well since.
    In my new house I have a street light right outside of my room and so it never really ends up dark. I’ll probably get some more of these soon.

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