Choosing a new bathroom suite

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The kitting out of a bathroom requires careful consideration.  Combining aesthetically pleasing style with practicality and ease of cleaning takes a certain amount of forward planning.

The first thing to consider is the colour scheme.  A traditional white bathroom suite looks clean and crisp and will complement virtually any colour choices in the rest of the room. Coloured suites work well within a particular design, but they can limit future decorating potential further down the line.  Wooden bath panels give a rustic feel to an otherwise practical white enamel suite.

Free-standing baths add a touch of glamour to any bathroom, as well as becoming a draw for potential buyers should you decide to sell your home.  Baths with the fittings in the centre make a home bathroom seem as stylish as a hotel en-suite and make the bath more spacious.  For a real hotel feel, add a dual sink with matching taps and an under-sink storage cabinet.

Saving water should be a priority wherever possible.  An eco-bath from Cleargreen is specially designed to reduce water usage and to retain heat for longer, and is made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials.  Fitting a shower over the bath also saves water, as a typical ten minute shower uses half the amount of water that it takes to fill a bathtub.

Whilst an enclosed wet-room may look wonderful and save on space, it is worth remembering that most potential buyers will be put off by a house with no bath.  Instead, fit glass shower screens from Aqata around the edge of the bath to get the look without losing it.

Enclosed toilet cisterns create a space for ornaments or other decorative items, which can really spruce up the look of a bathroom.  Geberit produce some which are practical and environmentally friendly, and for an even more eco-aware bathroom choose toilets with a dual-flush system to save on water and energy.

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