Cleaning the Terrace or Patio

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It does not matter how well the slabs have been laid, over a period of time you will get weeds appearing in the joints and they will certainly require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. It is true to say that maintenance will keep your paving looking good lack of it will certainly have the opposite effect!

Weeds can usually be pulled off the surface of most paving, or scraped off using a hoe or similar tool. You should keep the slabs weed free by regular brushing of the surface with a stiff broom. Weeds will grow on the accumulated dirt in the joints; they will not grow thought the slabs’ or the mortar joint, unless it has broken down of course.

With simple steps such as a basic wash-down with soapy water, all types and forms of paving will look so much better for it, although there are some types of paving slab that will need more attention.

Good results when cleaning the slab can usually be achieved with nothing more than good soapy water and a stiff brush hosing off afterwards. If the slabs are very dirty then power washing is probably the best way to get rid of the dirt and if you do not have one, they can usually be hired at a good DIY merchant or hire shop.

We do not recommend acid based cleaners on your slabs as they can ruin certain types of stonework. Avoid any cleaners that that has hydrochloric acid listed in its ingredients. They may clean your paving, but there’s also a significant risk that they’ll ruin it. This particularly applies to Indian sandstones they will be ruined!

A word of warning about power washers, used properly, they will keep paving in tip-top condition, but take care because if the high-pressure water jet is allowed to remove that critical jointing material, you will have to re-point it all.

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