Dining room design ideas

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A dining room has a multitude of uses, if used regularly it can become the hub of the house, a place for the family can gather at meals times and talk about their days, and if it isn’t used all the time it can provide a luxurious place for entertaining and partying.

Whichever way you use your dining room, here are some hints and tips that can be applied.

Dining room layout

With living space in the UK at a premium the dining room often has multiple purposes such as an office or a place for the kids to do their homework, this is where planning really comes into its own.

A dining room must have easy access from the kitchen and must allow space around the table and chairs to carry hot dishes. As to the rest of the dining room layout it is entirely up to you and what you plan to use it for.

Furniture and colour schemes

Round tables are great for up to 4 people to sit around in an informal setting, but if you regularly have 6 or more people a rectangular table that extends is a good option. If space really is limited then you can use a gate leg table that folds down after use.

Bear in mind that a wooden table will need to be protected from the hot plates and drinks, so it is advised that you use a table cloth, whereas a glass table will increase the feeling of space.

Coordinating the colours of the furniture and walls creates a unified look, making the whole room look more spacious and less cluttered. The colour scheme also needs to be inviting and relaxing at the same time, but it is one of the few places in the house where you can be a bit bold. Hot colours like red and orange stimulate the appetite, so do rich browns a terracotta all of which make great dining room options.


Flooring needs to tie in with adjoining rooms, but also needs to be easily cleaned and non-slip in case of a spillage. Laminate flooring is hard wearing and easy to clean, and is a great choice for a dining room, you can also add a rug to dampen the sound and provide another texture into the room.


Lighting is an important factor in the dining room because you want everybody to be able to see their food but you don’t want the lighting to be too bright and hurt people eyes. Place the main light over the centre of the table and side lighting around the sides of the room to provide a warm atmosphere in the room.


You can get inspiration for your dining room from a range of different sources including magazines or TV shows, but the easiest way is to look online. The internet is full of websites such as 4homes (a part of the channel4 website), Baytree Interiors and Habitat that provide ideas and inspiration for all your home and garden needs.

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