DIY Tips – Grouting Tiles

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There are a number of different steps involved in renovating a bathroom, one of which can be replacing the tiles.  Undertaking the work without needing the services of a professional can offer a great sense of satisfaction and the knowledge that the result will be exactly as desired.

Grout Type

Select the correct type of grout in accordance with the tiles being laid.  For example, a heavy-duty sanded grout will be more beneficial for floor tiles than for porcelain tiles.  Similarly, the colour of the grout can add to the style of the finished product. 

Mix Grout

Mix only as much grout is required at any one time because there is a limited time in which it can be used before it dries out and becomes useless.  Follow the instructions for this process and commence using the grout immediately afterwards, making sure the pot is covered if it needs to be left.


Once the grout has been mixed, a grout float can be used to apply it to the tiled surface.  The position of the tiles can be retained with the use of cross-shaped brackets between them, which can be hidden by the grout.  Spread the grout over the joints between the tiles, repeating the process where necessary to ensure that no gaps remain.  Follow this by drawing a scraper firmly over the tiled surface to remove the excess.  Keep a damp sponge to hand to remove any last traces of grout before leaving the compound to dry for at least 24 hours undisturbed.

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