Fitting a Towel Rack

Author: dpinning  //  Category: Bathroom Accessories, Heating, Radiators

Some bathroom accessories are easy to fit and anyone with just a few DIY skills will be able to install them; others take the skills of a professional. Fitting a bathroom towel rack is relatively easy with the correct tools.

First of all, measure, centre and mark the position of the towel rack on the wall, checking that it is level with a spirit level. The standard height for a towel rack in a bathroom is four feet, but practically speaking, it is best to fit it at the best height for your particular bathroom.

Then screw one of the mounting plates to the wall where you have marked the position, but do not drive the screw right in. If you find that there is a stud there continue, but if not it may be necessary to take a metal toggle anchor and screw it in so that it is flush with the wall. Then attach the mounting bracket into the toggle anchor.

Place the towel bar onto the fixed mounting bracket and check the measurement before fixing the other mounting bracket in the same way, but do not tighten the screws. Then place the towel bar over the mounting plates and use the spirit level again just to double check. The mounting plates can be adjusted until they are right and then the screws need to be tightened.

Then attach the bar and tighten the small screws on the ends of the towel rack with an Allen key which should be provided with the towel rack fixing kit. Make sure that everything is screwed in tightly and the job is complete.

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