Fitting cornices and coving

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Cornices and coving are a great way to finish the edges of the ceiling where it meets the wall and has been used for hundreds of years as decoration. Cornices and coving are available in a range of different shapes and sizes from plain concave coving to decorative cornice and you should choose a style that suits your room’s style.

Fitting cornices and coving is pretty straight forward although there are a few tools that you will need before you start, these include:

•    A mitre box and medium tooth saw
•    A ladder or suitable stepladder
•    Wall adhesive

Fitting coving

Use an offcut of coving to mark the dimensions of the piece to both the wall and ceiling all the way round. If the wall has wallpaper on it remove it from the measured area and lightly scratch with a Stanley knife to provide a good key for the adhesive.

Start work from an internal corner and cut using a mitre box and saw through the face side of the piece. Apply a generous amount of adhesive onto the coving and push the piece into the corner making sure that it aligns with the guide lines. Scrape away any surplus adhesive before it has a chance to set.

Repeat this for all four corners then cut pieces for the other side using the alternative side of the mite box. Once all of the corners are done its time to fit in the gaps with straight cut coving. Use the surplus adhesive to fill in any gaps as you go along.

Once the adhesive has dried the coving can be primed and painted to match the existing rooms colours.

Picture: Ben O’Bryan

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