Getting ready for a painting job

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Firstly you have to be particularly careful if you live in a very old house as the paint on the wood surfaces will also be old and can contain lead. Special care is need when preparing this and if your home was built before the early 1960’s it will almost certainly be lead pint on the windows, doors, woodwork and for some metal items.

The easiest way to deal with lead paintwork, if it is in good condition, is to paint over it with a coat of modern paint. This will seal in the lead and prevent it from causing harm. However, if the paint is badly chipped use a solvent-based or caustic paint stripper, or a water based one.

Dealing with the paintwork, no matter what age, if it is in good condition and although it could be several layers thick, a quick preparation is all that is needed. If the paint is oil based, rub down with a medium coarse abrasive paper wrapped around a wood block, wash down with a solution of sugar soap, allow to dry and you are ready to apply the first coat. For emulsion paints a simple wash down with soapy water is all that is needed. For paintwork that is peeling, pitted, badly chipped or crazed then the paint will have to be stripped to the bare wood.

For a first class finish it is worth remembering the time honoured advice of the professionals; “the finish is only as good as the preparation of the surfaces before you paint”, excellent advice.

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