Glass Radiators – a stylish addition to your bathroom!

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If you are looking for a stylish addition to your bathroom, you may wish to consider a glass radiator which is sure to become a focal point as well as a talking point in your bathroom. The SGG Thermovit Elegance glass radiators are relatively new to the market in Britain. These glass bathroom radiators combine the highest possible standards with elegant style. In fact, so unique are these radiators that you can actually design them yourself, that way you can ensure that no-one else ever has the same radiator that you do. Of course, they also come in a range of standard models including clear, mirrored and even printed versions.

Another plus point of these glass radiators is that they are completely mobile, therefore they do not require connection to your existing heating system. There are no wires or cables to connect. These radiators actually plug into the electrical socket. While this would usually negate a product from use within a bathroom, these are perfectly safe as long as the recommended distances between water supply and electricity are observed. The radiators can be floor or wall mounted. In fact, if you want further options, you can choose between the controllable or non-controllable versions. The controllable radiator allows you to change the temperature complete with remote control to create your own comfortable warmth.

While these radiators should not be used to heat towels as they should not be covered, you can purchase corresponding towel rails from the same range to further enhance the practicality of this purchase.

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