Grouting wall tiles

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This is a fairly easy job that just needs a degree of care and attention to detail. Firstly, don’t try grouting until the tiles are properly stuck on the wall. It is often a good idea to leave the adhesive to dry for a couple of days, just to be sure. Then you need to make sure you choose the right type of grout for the job. If the area being tiled is in a bathroom and likely to get wet, then you will definitely need waterproof grout (and will already have used waterproof adhesive to stick the tiles on).

There may be a choice of colours too. You don’t have to use white grout, and a contrasting colour such as grey or black can look stunning with the right tiles. Some grout comes ready-mixed, whilst other types have to be mixed with water for the right consistency.

Before applying any grout, make sure that you have cleaned off any excess adhesive that has got onto the tiles or has been squeezed out of the gaps between them. Using a spreading tool with a flexible edge (often supplied with the grout), apply the grout smoothly over an area of about one metre square. This allows you to work on one area at a time, getting it right before it starts drying, and before you move on to the next area.

Work the grout into the joints, keeping the tool edge at about 45 degrees from the tiles. Then go over the same area at a more upright angle to achieve an even surface. Then let the grout harden slightly before going over it again with a damp sponge or cloth to get that smooth professional finish. Lastly, once it is completely dry, wash the tiles with a damp sponge and then polish with a dry cloth.

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