How to Balance a Radiator System

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You need to balance your radiator system in order to achieve an even delivery of hot water to all of the radiators in your home.  In central heating systems the water is pumped via copper pipes that branch off to each radiator.  As a result of this system the radiators at the start of the pipe run get the most hot water first. 

In order to balance your radiators you will need to use the lockshield valve on each of the radiators.  This will regulate the water flow.  You can partially close the valve on the radiators that come at the beginning of the run, to restrict them from getting too much of the water.  In order to achieve the right balance of water to all of the radiators you can use thermostatic radiator valves.  These are an accurate way of automatically turning off the water flow to an individual radiator when the room temperature reaches the point at which the valve is set.

When you balance your radiators you must turn your heating off well before you begin this task.  This is to enable to water to cool down completely.  You can then turn the heating back on and adjust the first radiator. You must adjust them in the order that the water goes to them.  Reduce the flow to the nearest radiator via the valve and increase it to the ones farthest away from the boiler. 

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