How to Clean and Reseal Your Deck

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Your garden decking is open to the elements all year round, so it is important to maintain the wood to ensure a long and fruitful life. It is recommended that you reseal the wood on your deck at least once a year, but if you use a professional wood seal you may be able to leave it longer between applications.

In this handy guide we will teach you how to clean and reseal your decking so it looks good for years to come.

Cleaning the deck

First thing to do is remove everything from the deck including any furniture, plant pots and other decorations what will get in the way during the cleaning process.

Sweep the decking with a hard bristled brush to get the large pieces of debris off the surface and use a thin tool like a wall scraper to remove all of the debris from in between the deck boards. Once the large pieces of debris have been removed use a hose pipe or ideally a pressure washer to give the decking a deep clean.

Some areas of your decking might have a build-up of algae or mildew, in that case use a commercial cleaning agent mixed with water to remove it. Use a hard bristled brush to get the cleaning solution into all the nooks and crannies, and rise thoroughly with a hose pipe or pressure washer to remove the cleaning solution.

Allow the decking to completely dry before resealing or staining.

Resealing and staining the deck

The choice of finish for your decking is entirely up to you. Choose to match the colour to you existing garden features or make a statement with a different colour; there are many types of stains available for decking available in a multitude of colours.

Read the label of the stain fully before applying to the decking and leave to dry for the recommended time in between coats.

Once dry you can replace all of your furniture and other items to your decking area. Sit back and relax in the knowledge that your decking is protected for another year.

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