How to fit a bathroom sink

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You do not always need a plumber to fit a bathroom sink; it is a simple DIY job.

Remember to turn off the water supply before you start, you may be able to do this using isolator valves underneath the sink, otherwise you will have to turn off the entire water system at the main stopcock. First, remove the old sink, remembering to remove the taps if you plan to re-use them on the new sink.

Line up the sink against the wall and check it is level using a spirit level.

If you are not able to connect the water supply/waste pipes back to the sink trap directly, fit the tap connector and waste pipe parts to make the connections, ensuring a watertight seal around the new taps using the washers supplied. If possible, do this before you fit the sink to the wall or worktop; it will make your job easier later. 

Connect the overflow to the wastepipe before screwing the sink to the wall or placing it into the worktop. Finally, seal around the back lip of the sink with a waterproof sealant and tighten the joints on the flexible tap connectors with a spanner.

Make sure you do not tamper with any earth connections in the metal pipework; consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt.

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