How to fix screw and nail holes in the wall

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If you’re redecorating your house and moving things around, it often means that where you once had furniture and picture frames, you may no longer have anything. This can leave unsightly nail or screw holes in your walls that are exposed. It is also a good idea to make sure any of these are fixed and covered if you’ve lived in a rental property and are moving, or else you might find that you won’t get your whole deposit back. But it’s really a very easy thing to do, even if you are new to home repair.

Using a joint compound mixture, which is available at any home or hardware store, fill the hole in the wall with a thin layer of it. Smooth it over carefully with a putty knife.

Once the mixture is completely dry, use some sandpaper or a 120 grit sandpaper block to sand the filled hole so that it is completely flat against the wall.

Make sure that you have a paint colour or primer that matches the wall exactly. If you no longer have that paint, or if you never had any in the first place, take along a sample of a picture to a hardware shop who will point you in the right direction. Use this paint to then cover the area.

And that’s all! You can make it even more simple by buying an all-in-one nail hole patch product, but these don’t usually give quite as good finish as doing it the long, but still easy, way round.

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