How to update your bathroom sink

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Does your bathroom need an overhaul?  Are you tired of looking at the same bathroom surroundings day after day?  A good place to start a bathroom remodelling project is by updating your bathroom sink.  If you have been intimidated by the thought of doing this kind of job yourself, you may be surprised to learn that it is possible to replace your old basin with a new Shades basin in just a couple of hours.

The fun part of updating your bathroom sink is shopping for a new one.  Do you know what kind of atmosphere you would like to have in your bathroom?  Your new sink will go a long way toward creating that ambience.  If you decide to invest in an eco-friendly bathroom, you can choose a sink and taps that harmonise with that vision.

Cleargreen, for example, manufacture a line of environmentally-friendly taps that conserve water and reduce energy.  These taps complement an updated sink perfectly.  You can browse the company’s line of taps at UK Bathrooms.

Once the new sink has been selected, it is time to install it in your bathroom.  Generally, you can follow the instruction manual that you receive with the sink, but it is also important to make sure that the water is turned off before you begin.

Plumber’s putty should be placed around the spouts so that the sink can easily be connected to the plumbing.  The sink tubing needs to be attached to the pipes carefully and time taken to line up the threads when tightening the pipes with the wrench.

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