Keeping your drains clear this Christmas

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Lots of food will be consumed this Christmas and lots of fat and grease will find their way into our drains unless we actively prevent it. You may not think too much harm can come from fat getting into our drainage system, but you would be wrong and it is the one thing that causes most of the problems we get in the drains at our homes.

This Christmas, and come to think of it all the time as well we should always pour or scrape greasy or oily food waste into a container or jar, then allow grease to cool in the container before throwing it in the waste bin. Always wipe and scrape utensils and plates before washing and dispose of any waste with your household rubbish, detergents will not do this for you they dissolve it for sure, but it will still coagulate when it gets into the main sewerage system.

A good way to avoid the problem is to consider using a Fat Trap to collect excess fat and oil and all sinks should have strainers in the sink to collect food particles, these are cheap and it into the plug hole, may types completely replace the traditional plug. Pouring fat and grease into the sink is not just passing the problem to the local authority; your own drains can become blocked particularly if you have a sump.

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