Lagging radiators

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You might not immediately think of radiators as benefiting from lagging, but actually a quarter of the heat they produce is lost to the wall behind it.  Of course you do not lag the whole radiator, it almost goes without saying, just the surface facing the wall.  You do this with a special expanded polystyrene lining that is foil-faced and which, when fitted, will save over half the heat that would otherwise be lost.

You have to remove the radiator in order to fit the lagging easily, so the ideal time to do the job is while redecorating.  However, it is also possible to fit it without removing the radiators.

Buy the lining from a DIY store and cut it slightly smaller than the radiator dimensions.  Next, mark and cut out slots for the radiator fittings to slip over.  Remember to turn the radiator off before starting work.  Wallpaper paste or double-sided sticky tape can be used to glue the polystyrene lining to the wall behind the radiator.  You then use a long batten to smooth it into place after feeding the radiator fittings through the pre-cut slots.  Do not forget to fit the lining with the foil side facing towards the radiator, as the whole idea is to direct potentially lost heat back into the room rather than into the wall.  Allow time for the adhesive or paste to set before turning the radiator on again.

This is a cheap and effective method of cutting household heating bills, which is often overlooked in the race to lag boilers and pipes and insulate lofts.

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