Laying Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaic tiles come in large sheets with a mesh backing holding the small tile pieces together in ready-made patterns.  Mosaic tiles are used widely on walls and splashbacks, and are quite easy to fit around obstacles such as switches and electrical outlets.

To lay mosaic tiles, you will first need to apply adhesive to the wall.  Never apply more adhesive than is necessary for two to four sheets of tile at any time.  It is important to use a good quality adhesive and a notched adhesive spreader to achieve the best results.  After the adhesive is applied to the wall, hold the spreader at a 45 degree angle and drag it through the adhesive to get even ridges.  Make sure the design of the first sheet of mosaic tiles is the right way up and press it into the adhesive with your hands, and then use a short, flat piece of wood to tamp the tile flat, paying particular attention to the edges. 

If there is an obstacle such as a socket that needs to be tiled around, prior to applying the adhesive measure from the edge of the last full sheet of tile to the edge of the obstacle.  Then measure the length and width of the obstacle itself.  Use those measurements on the tile sheet and cut away tiles inside the measurements with a trimming knife.  Place the sheet against the wall to see if it fits and then coat around the obstacle with adhesive and apply the tile.  If there are gaps around the obstruction, cut a few tiles from a spare sheet to fill them in.

After 24 hours you can apply grout.  Kitchens and bathrooms will need waterproof grout.  Use a rubber-edged grout spreader, and clean away excess grout from the sheets as you work.  When the grout is set, neaten the lines with a grout shaper or a thin piece of dowel.

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