Laying new turf in your garden

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If you, like so many households in the UK are suffering from a patchy lawn after last year’s winter you might be thinking or laying some new turf. Many people are put off as they expect it to be time consuming, but if the preparation is done properly laying turf is easy and can really make all the difference in creating a picturesque garden.

Preparing the ground

First thing to do is remove the old turf; this can be done by under-cutting it with a spade, but if you have a larger area you might want to hire a turf stripper.

Once the turf is gone aggravate the remaining soil by digging down about 15cms and turning it over. Remove any large stones or roots from the soil then use a rake to smooth out the surface.

Push down the aggravated soil by walking over it making sure that the ground is firm but not compacted and is level.

Laying the turf

Treat the soil with some pre-turf fertiliser, this will help the new turf to root more effectively and become established quicker.

Turf comes in strips that are approximately 1 meter square so ordering enough turf is essential to finishing the job quickly. It is recommended that you lay the turf within 24 hours of its delivery or collection so make sure that you have enough time to complete the task before ordering/ buying your turf.

Start laying the turf from the boundary edge laying one row at a time; excess turf can be cut using a long bladed knife. Continue to lay the turf in rows staggering the joint between rows like brickwork and butt all of the edge up ensuring that there are no gaps in between.

Once a couple of rows have been completed use a board as a platform to work from; this will ensure that you don’t put holes in your newly laid turf.

Once the lawn has been laid it is recommended that you water it regularly until it’s established; adding some more lawn fertiliser may also speed up the process but always read the instructions before use.

After 2-3 weeks the lawn should be looking great and you can sit back and relax in your new garden.

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