Making a London Blind

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To make a London blind, cut a piece of fabric and lining fabric to the size required. Place the fabric with the right sides together to match the raw edges. Pin the fabrics and stitch along the side and bottom edges, just half an inch from the edges. Turn these pieces the right way out and press.

Place the fabric the wrong way up on a flat surface. Mark parallel lines down the length of the fabric at six-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch intervals from each side edge.

Find a piece of Austrian blind tape. Turn one inch under at the bottom edges of the tapes and place the tapes over the 12-inch marking that you created so that the first loop is located two inches from the bottom edge of the fabric. Pin the tapes before stitching them into place.

Turn one inch of material in at the top edge and stitch. Fold the blind down the centre, with the right sides together, and match the marked lines together. Pin and stitch the marked lines from four inches down from the top edge and two inches from the bottom edge. Press the pleats along the length of the blind so that the stitching is centred over the tape.

Pin Velcro and stitch along the top of the blind on the wrong side, very close to the fold at the top. Cut nylon cord in half and secure it to the bottom loops of the tapes. Thread the cords through all the loops. Secure the blind to the batten and fix in place.

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