Manipulating space in the home

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Manipulating the space in a home is key to having a comfortable environment in which to live, relax and sleep. There may be areas of the home that are too small or too big, but instead of building an extension or fitting a false ceiling why not try using different colours and patterns to manipulate the space.

Using painted walls to manipulate space

Our eyes process colours in a very specific way with some creating an optical illusion; this is great for DIY projects because you can use a variety of colours to make a room seem bigger or smaller depending on the effect you want to create.

Using a warm colour on a wall such as orange, red or brown will make the room seem smaller than it actually is, and using a cooler or paler tone like blues and greens can create the sense of space. This is especially noticeable when painting a featured wall where all of the other walls are a neutral colour.

The same effect can be made on the ceiling and floor. Painting the ceiling and floor a darker tone than the walls will make the room seem smaller, whereas lighter tones give the effect of more space. Adding lighter tones to the ceiling and floor in a hallway will make the space seem bigger and will reflect more light adding to the effect.

Using patterns to manipulate space

Using patterns is also a great way of manipulating the space in your home. Horizontal stripes will make a room seem wider, whereas vertical stripes will increase the height in a room. Large patterns that are focal points have the tendency to make a room seem smaller, whereas a small regular pattern makes the space seem bigger.

Using colours and patterns to manipulate space is a great way of changing the look and feel of a room with the minimum cost.

Picture: Little Greene Paint Company

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