Must I use primer paint?

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Using a primer is a sound idea at most times because it gives next coat of paint a good surface to adhere to, but there is more to it than that.

There is no doubt that today’s paint is far better than we have had before, we have a number of finishes available to us that we did not see a few years ago. But even our modern paints will not do the whole job on their own, they need a good surface that they can bond too, this is where the primer and under coat come in.

A primer should always be used where it is not possible to have at totally flat surface, cracks holes and depressions is just trouble waiting and they reduce the ability of the paint to adhere properly, it will soon deteriorate. Primers can be used on both wood and metal, but wood is the reason that a primer should be used, particularly if the wood has not been painted or it has become bare. Paint primer creates a watertight seal preventing any water from getting on to the wood causing rot.

Another reason for using a good primer is to hide grain and other natural marks on the wood, lighter finishing coats will always show what is underneath if a good primer and undercoat are missed out of the repainting job.

However, no matter how good the primer will be, it will not hide defects such as mould or wet, the wood must always be thoroughly sanded, cleaned and dried thoroughly filled as necessary and then primed. You are better fitting a new piece of wood or frame rather than trying to hide one which has got wet rot.

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