Organising your workshop

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Whether you use your workshop or garage for your hobbies or work it is important to keep it organised to not only provide a safe environment in which to work but also create a productive workflow.

Here are some tips to keeping your workshop organised:

Fit a pegboard

A pegboard is great for organising your tools; they can be fitted with a range of add-ons including shelves, racks and even storage boxes. Easy to fit and maintain, a pegboard can be an invaluable feature to a workshop.

Use Component Drawers

Use component drawers to store all your small items such as screws, fittings and electrical components. Label each drawer up with some self-adhesive labels to make sure that you know what is in each one.

Build some custom shelving

Keep your power tools organised by building custom shelving to store them on. Shelving is also great for storing just about anything, keeping fragile items off the floor and out of the way.

Make enough space for big machinery

If you own any big machinery such as a table saw or band saw it is important from a safety point of view that you have enough space to work all the way around the machine. If your space is small think about getting some frames with wheels built-in, that way you can wheel the machine out when you need it without taking up more room than is needed.

Clean up regularly

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to put your tools away in their proper place once you have finished using them. This not only keeps the workspace clean and clear, but also saves you time when trying to find a specific tool.

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