Practical, attractive bathroom blinds

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The bathroom is the most used room in the home, so it is important to choose window coverings that are attractive, practical and easy to maintain, while offering optimum privacy. Luckily, homeowners have several versatile options for bathroom blinds.

Fabric curtains can collect dust and encourage the growth of mould. Blinds made of moisture-resistant materials, such as PVC, aluminium or bamboo, make a better choice for rooms in which humidity is a factor. Venetian blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms, because they are attractive, easy to care for and moisture resistant. A quick wipe with a soft, damp cloth removes any dust, keeping your blinds attractive and mould-free.

Roller blinds are another practical choice as bathroom blinds. Affordable, attractive and versatile, roller bathroom blinds offer optimum privacy whilst still providing ease of use. Blackout liners can be added to roller blinds for additional privacy. Liners also enhance the insulating properties of bathroom blinds. Bathroom blinds keep the room cooler in summer by filtering the sunlight, and warmer in winter.

Whatever your family’s tastes, budget and needs, there are bathroom blinds perfect for your home.

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