Preparing a wall for tiling

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It does not matter what sort of DIY job you are undertaking, there is one rule which if avoided or skimped will result in a poor or unsatisfactory end result and that rule is preparation. Ask any time served tradesman and they will tell you that the finish of a job is only as good as the preparation and the amount of time spent on it, this applies to tiling a wall just as much as painting or wallpapering it.

If the wall surface is papered, it is not suitable until you have stripped the wallpaper and prepared the walls.

For Brick and Concrete you must scrub the surface to remove any loose material, fill any holes to give an even surface. Painted surfaces are alright providing the paint is sound if so then wash down with sugar soap, if the paint is flaky rub down and size the walls, using a PVA adhesive mixed one part PVA to five parts water and allow to dry before tiling and then we would score the painted surface of the wall with the edge of a scraper to help the adhesive stick.

Plastered walls are ideal, but first ensure that these dry out for at least a month before tiling. Size all bare plaster using a PVA adhesive mixed one part PVA to five parts water and allow this to dry before tiling; plasterboard should be treated in the same way.

Old tiles make an ideal surface as they are usually smooth and true and you will get a good finish, however remove any loose tiles and use filler to level the surface. Wash down with sugar soap. Wood panelling again is a good surface but, it must be at least 12mm thick and you should paint all bare wood with oil based primer and allow this to dry.

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