Underfloor Heating and Solar Panels

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As environmental issues become increasingly more important, it is no wonder that people are seeking out eco friendly ways to build their new homes or extend and revamp their existing ones. One of the questions that is increasingly being asked is ‘can underfloor heating work in conjunction with solar panels that provide the electricity?’ The answer is a resounding yes.

Underfloor heating is a very green way to heat your home, as it uses a lot less power and fuel, temperatures are lower to achieve the same effect and the only resources used are water (if you have a wet underfloor heating system) and electricity. It therefore makes sense for anyone wanting to live a cleaner, greener life to choose underfloor heating as solution. Obviously they will also be seeking other ways of making their homes even greener and solar panels are an excellent choice.

The good news is that there are no issues with running an underfloor heating system off electricity generated on the premises, in fact the underfloor heating system really isn’t fussy where it gets power from. The wiring can be adapted to fit any property schematic as required. If you are in any doubt do not attempt to wire the electrics yourself, but call a qualified electrician and let him do the work; remember, electricity can and does kill. By all means look into the options, because more companies are wising up to eco friendly ways of working, so finding someone to help should be easy.

Heated towel rails – a luxurious addition to your bathroom

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Most people have experienced the discomfort of a damp towel at some point. Besides being unpleasant to the touch, wet towels are also a haven for bacteria. Heated towel rails provide a luxurious as well as practical addition to any bathroom.

Current towel rails range from traditional ball joint rail designs to contemporary and minimalist styles, with the majority being available to suit any heating system whether it be hot water or connected via the mains to an electric point.

Alternatively, an element can be supplied to rails fitted to a hot water heating system. This allows the rail to be used independently of the central heating system.

Ball joints and period-style cross head valves are classic elements of a traditional, Victorian design. Towel warmers are available in various sizes and fittings, including wall and floor mounted for maximum flexibility. Many are hand-crafted and available with a choice of up to three heat outputs.

Ladder-style towel rails are the ultimate in contemporary chic and will instantly add a cutting-edge designer look to any bathroom.

Many designs have a sharp, minimalist style with protruding rails at either end to give an added design appeal.

And be sure to check out columnar towels rails. These are freestanding and floor mounted, often consisting of as many as 10 chrome columns that not only dry the towels but keep the bathroom warm at the same time.

Also have a look at the variety of fuel options. These include a dual fuel function that enables you to warm your towels without switching on the main hot water supply, a useful function during the summer months.

Bathroom radiators – ideal for keeping your bathroom and towels warm!

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The idea of bathroom radiators has picked up with people quite fast recently due to the change in weather which makes it impossible to bathe in cold bathrooms. Radiators are not heavy any more like they used to be and manufacturers are concentrating on slim bathroom radiators that can add a style factor to the room when they are fitted. The heavy conventional radiators used to create an eyesore in the bathroom, interfering with its décor.

A bathroom radiator serves up many purposes for the users in the winter time like preventing the clogging of bathroom pipes. It acts as a heating device for the bathroom and helps in making it stay warm. In cold winters, there is no coldness and condensation felt inside the bathroom.

You cannot imagine using a wet towel after taking a bath in the winter time, radiators heat up the rail to provide you with dry towels. Using wet or damp towels can also cause problems like coughs, fevers and sneezing.

These bathroom radiators also add a sense of elegance to your bathroom being available in different colours and sizes. Bathroom radiators with chrome finish and gold finish are getting popular now too.

You also need to know where pipes are placed in your bathroom before deciding which kind of radiators to buy. Glass radiators and the stone radiators are the various kinds of radiators available in the market today. Glass radiators are totally see-through and are prepared from safety glass which is 3mm thick. The best part about glass radiators is that you do not need any kind of a plumbing to use them.

Stone radiators save a lot of your electricity bills than the more traditional radiators. The materials used in such radiators are granite, lime stone and marble. The electricity conservation properties of such radiators are due to presence of stone which has some heat preservation properties.

Heating Mats for Convenience

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The Romans were famous for their magnificent public baths filled with hot water springs that distributed warm water underneath marble floorings. Nowadays, in order to keep the floor warm, these hot water springs aren’t necessary. It’s a great pleasure to walk barefoot on warm surfaces during wintry weather and with Electrical Underfloor Heating, you’ll be provided with the exact warmth that everyone needs in the winter.

NEOHEAT™ provides an Electric Underfloor Heating, which generates warmth under the floor’s surface, sustains the heat that removes cold spots, and reduces chilly areas through the production of uniform heat. It utilises a thermostat that individually manages the temperature, which can be pre-programmed depending on the user’s choice when to have the heat.

The EasyHeat Mats have undergone scrutiny to meet the requirements in the market and are a simple, yet effective solution which is easy to set up. They come in a kit that includes the tools needed to install them in any area of the house and below any surface. Conventionally, setting up a heating system is hard work due to complex tubes or cables and the preparation takes a good deal of time. The new product has addressed this difficulty by offering a one of a kind heating system, which can be installed easily by anyone, with no measurement and estimation required. It is simply installed by rolling out a pre-measured mat across the surface and by attaching it using the self-adhesive tape. This product uses quality components, which feature long-term reliability, simplicity, and straightforward installation procedures.

Electric Underfloor Heating is certainly an effective heating solution for every household today. It ensures an efficient and effective warm temperature, which will give the experience of warmness throughout the house.

Radiator selection for your bathroom

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A lot of change has taken place in the look of radiators over the past few decades. No longer are they only available in the stale hues of black, gray and white, but they can now be seen in attractive futuristic shades.

Different materials are used in the construction of radiators like cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. It is important to think about the pros and cons of each one of these radiators before buying any one of them.

Cast iron heats up slowly but also cools off more slowly giving heat for a long time. So, even after the central heating system has been switched off, the cast iron radiators are hot. These radiators are purchased by people now due to their Victorian look. However, the same retro look is also seen with the stainless steel radiators.

Stainless steel radiators have useful qualities like they preserve heat for a longer time and are simple to clean. You only need to apply detergent and warm water for cleaning them up. These radiators also last for a long time because the steel does not corrode that easily. On the other hand, stainless steel radiators are expensive.

The last kind of radiators, aluminum radiators are extremely responsive to temperature control due to the super-conductibility of this metal. The house gets heated up instantly as soon as you switch on these radiators. They are quite light weight making it easy to install them. The user pays lower installation charges for them too.

These radiators work on lower electricity as they are quite receptive to thermostat modifications. It saves money in terms of electricity bills. These radiators are also available in diverse styles, colours and finishes to expand the choice available before you. They look good in any kind of surroundings due to their stylish looks.

A Guide to Underfloor Heating Systems

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Underfloor heating systems have been in use since the times of the Roman Empire. In the colder regions of their Empire, and even in other areas of the world, underfloor heating systems gained popularity in private and public Roman buildings. Today, homeowners are renewing this once popular form of heating, and adapting new technologies with more efficient products and better results.

Currently, there are two main systems of underfloor heating. The first is a warm water system, and the second is an electric system. These systems can be installed using a wet system, also known as a poured-floor system. Wet systems are installed when the masonry mix is poured. Alternatively, underfloor heating systems can be installed using the sub-floor system, also known as the dry system. During the installation of a dry system, the underfloor heating is put straight onto the sub-floor.  If installing an electric system, for the first time you should hire a professional because improper wiring can be extremely dangerous.

The hot water system utilises warm water that is forced and circulated through the network of pipes or tubes that have been fixed into the floor. Numerous types of pipes are available for this system. These include Alupex, PEX, and polybutylene. It is rare for copper pipes to be used for this function.

Homeowners opting for hot water underfloor heating must choose the product by balancing the difference between cost and desirable water pressure. Some tubing is pricier, but offers better quality, while other types of tubing offer more resistance. However, the higher the resistance the more energy is required to pump the water through the system. Alternatively, this resistance is necessary for effective heat generation.

Mere Heated Towel Rails

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Mere radiators and heated towel rails provide heat in your bathroom without spoiling your room design. The sleek and modern finish of these Mere products will be at home in any stylish bathroom.

The Mere Tarporley range comes in 12 sizes and is made of stainless steel. This material is known for its durability and is also environmentally friendly. These towel rails are created to the highest standard to provide the maximum output of heat. Their sleek finish will enhance the aesthetic of your room.

Another available option is the Mere Savoy Straight Multirail that is available in chrome, white and pergamon to tone in with your overall colour scheme or the colour of your bathroom suite. This is a popular Mere product as it comes in 10 sizes to make the optimum use of the space available while its clean profile makes it an unobtrusive addition that will provide a high heat output, thus ticking all the boxes.

The Mere Blenheim Curved Rail is a beautifully designed product that will suit the more luxuriously designed bathroom. The soft curves mean this rail is not just a practical purchase but will actually add to the overall look of the bathroom. The heat output is high and the unit is installed with matching wall brackets. This rail can be fitted into an existing central heating system, dual fuel, or electricity only, meaning there is an option for everybody.

Another design-led option is the Mere Marabu Curved Designer Rail, which is available in just six sizes. The curved, oval rails will create a harmonious balance of heat and sophistication in your bathroom.

Chic and Modern – Towel Drying Radiators

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The busy lives of many people, from working all day to taking good care of the kids and doing household chores, make them crave a soothing and refreshing bath afterwards. A well-equipped and contemporary bathroom with elegant towel drying radiators completes the refreshing bathroom essentials.

The broad appeal and classical lines of a towel drying radiator, along with the modern towel rail, provide superb comfort and design for a stylish bathroom feel. Nowadays, modern towel drying radiators are not hidden anymore; rather they are considered as an important feature that helps to create a designer bathroom suite. Towel drying radiators are available in dual energy like oil-filled electric, as well as central heating models. The oil-filled electric kind of towel drying radiator is perfect for use by all members of the family, and provides all-year round sumptuousness.

The dense infra-red Cadir raptness heater includes a timer and it is programmable for desired economy, automatic, constant frost-free, and constant comfort levels on an hourly or daily basis, which also includes a three-hour booster performance. This chic towel drying radiator has an electrical receiver unit which fits the rail’s right hand side, as standard. It is filled with good performance bio-degradable oil as well as a heating element equipped with a thermostat and security fuse. To complete the trendy and contemporary bathroom style, towel drying radiators are available in while, stainless steel, or chrome.

Anybody can have a truly relaxing and refreshing bathroom with a modern touch by simply adding a modish and up to date towel drying radiator as they are considered to be one of the newest designer bathroom ornamental fixtures.

Aeon Stainless Steel Radiators

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Aeon radiators are largely regarded as being synonymous with style and quality. Aeon is regularly credited with the unique transformation of radiators from basic household necessities, to products that enhance the stunning aesthetic of your room.

Aeon radiators utilise 100% stainless steel (304 grade), which is an environmentally friendly, durable, non-corrosive material, meaning that these radiators are built with longevity in mind. All Aeon radiators come complete with a twenty-year guarantee that backs up how confident the manufacturer is about their products. An Aeon radiator will meet your every requirement in terms of heat output and stunningly good looks. The Aeon range encompasses a massive 450 designer radiator models with an abundance of style and size variations within each range.

Aeon is the pioneer and market leader for the production and supply of stainless steel radiators. The 304 grade is used for all of the Aeon products that will come into contact with water or wet surfaces. All of the accessories and brackets are also stainless steel although 430 grade is used for products that will be used on dry surfaces.

There are many advantages to stainless steel designer radiators. They will not corrode; the radiators are made from a durable high quality material.  But of equal importance is how stylish the finished products look. Aeon radiators will not show any signs of flaking, peeling, discolouration or any other issues resulting from surface quality. TIG welding technology is used to weld the joints to the main body of the radiators. The entire unit is solid and the quality is unquestionable.

Acova Bathroom Radiators

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Acova radiators are renowned worldwide for their quality and design. These designer radiators are available in a multitude of styles and sizes ensuring that they will have a radiator that meets your needs. Acova radiators are also available as bespoke, made to measure products and they come in a wide ranging variety of colours. These designer radiators are widely available in showrooms across the United Kingdom.

The Acova range offers an abundance of choices for bathroom radiators including towel drying rails, mirror heaters, contemporary, and traditional radiators offering you the ability to combine heating sources with style and luxury. These products are not just practical; they are also eye catching focal points for your space.

The Acova towel drying rails can be fitted with the existing central heating system, dual heating system (for example central heating in the winter and electric heating in the summer months) or in purely electric heating systems. Perfect towels in a cosy bathroom can be yours the whole year round. Your look can be completed with the matching valves and accessories.

A prime example of these designer Acova bathroom radiators is the floor mounted Balmoral. The timeless elegance of this product, which can be finished in chrome or antique gold to suit the design of your room, is outstanding. This radiator is only available in one size but it can be fitted across a range of heating supply systems.