Removing Ceramic or Stone Tiles

Author: dpinning  //  Category: DIY Tips, Tiles

The presence of tiles can deter people from beginning their desired kitchen or bathroom renovations. Tiles are a little more troublesome to remove in comparison to paint or wallpaper but with a little care and the right tools and techniques, tiles can be removed with ease.

DIY enthusiasts should start by using all the necessary safety equipment; goggles and good gloves should always be worn. All nearby surfaces should be covered with dustsheets. 

Individuals should start at the edge of the area of tiles due for removal by placing a bolster almost flat to the tile. A small lump hammer should be used to hit the top of the bolster. A good hit should take the whole tile but if this fails to happen, it is necessary to keep working flat to the wall to avoid digging into the plaster.

Once the tiles are off, a paint scraper can be used to remove tile adhesive. If cement mortar was used, the bolster chisel and lump hammer will be required once again. 

Homeowners should then sand down the wall and fill in any imperfections before applying the desired finish.

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