What shape of shower tray is the best?

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When it comes to choosing a shower tray for your bathroom, it is important to look at how much floor space is available. A very compact bathroom will probably need to be fitted with a pentagonal shaped tray if you want to maximise space. This shape gives maximum shower space but takes up minimum area in the bathroom.

A quadrant design with a curved front gives more room in the shower than the octagon but you will need to fit a curved shower door which will usually be a lot more expensive that a conventional flat one.

Rectangular shapes give lots of room and come in different sizes. Squares are available up to about 90 square centimetres in size. Both of these shapes can be fitted almost anywhere you want them.

If you have a bit more space available, a shower tray with a built in area to dry yourself in is a real luxury. It means that you can towel yourself dry without stepping outside the shower and treading water everywhere.

Low level shower trays are recessed into the floor and usually come as rectangles, or squares. If these are tiled up the sides you can get the benefits of having a wet room without the expense of waterproofing the entire bathroom.

Your choice of shower tray will depend very much on the amount of space you have available and on what you are willing to spend. The best way to select the most practical shape and size is to draw a plan of your bathroom and find out exactly how much room you have to position a shower tray. Most bathroom shops will draw a plan for you if you have the measurements.  They will then advise you on the best options for the space you have.

How to Have an Inviting Bathroom

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Just because your bathroom may be small and slightly on the dingy side does not mean it has to be uninviting. On the other hand, if you have a massive bathroom you don’t have to make it cold and uninviting either. The goal should be to have a bathroom that is warm and calming regardless of the size.

This does not have to be an expensive or complicated process. There are a few efficient and effective changes and additions you can make to your bathroom that will make an amazing difference.

If you have a drafty house and a bathroom with cold floors one option to consider is a bathroom radiator. Some of these designer radiators even come with a towel rack attachment to keep your towels nice and warm regardless of the outside temperatures. Overall the radiator’s benefit is the same – a nice, warm bathroom that invites you inside and tempts you to never leave.

Another option is to examine your bathroom colour scheme. A bright, colourful bathroom accessory such as a new set of towels or a colourful rug may be all that your bathroom is missing. You can also add a new set of bathroom tiles in a new colour scheme to add some warmth to your bathroom. Be careful not to make the colour scheme too loud and outrageous. You don’t need to redo all the colours; just focus on one aspect.

Bathroom Radiators – A Warming Feature of Bathrooms

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Do you find you dread taking a shower in your bathroom during the winter time because it is freezing? The mere thought of taking off your clothes and climbing into the shower is deterring enough, but then the idea of getting out of the warm shower back into the freezing bathroom is unthinkable. A good bathroom accessory option for you to consider installing is a bathroom radiator.

Bathroom radiators serve as the main heater for the bathroom. You can get designer radiators that not only look fancy but have a heated towel rail at the top of it. One of the nicest feelings is wrapping a towel around you when it is fresh out of the dryer. A heated towel rail can provide you with a similar feeling.

A bathroom radiator is ideal for older homes that can have drafts and therefore be very cool in the winter. The heat let off from the radiator is enough to warm your bathroom tiles and towels making the shower a much more pleasurable experience. Bathroom radiators come in different models and sizes. Make sure you closely look at the warranty and price before deciding which radiator you want to buy.

Another feature of the bathroom radiator is your bathroom can look like it is from the Victorian period. You can really use this style to your advantage by getting ancient looking bathroom accessories such as bathroom mirrors or bathroom furniture that appears to be from that time period. You can check out local antique shops or even furniture markets for the appropriate accessories.

Shower Enclosures and Shower Cubicles

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Shower cubicles are a popular part of the bathroom fixtures and fittings selection process, especially for those who lead a busy lifestyle.  A long soak in the bath is always nice, but it is often hard to find the time; showers are also a much more economical option. 

A Shower cubicle will comprise a tray, enclosure walls, door and the shower itself.  They are designed to last the user many years, without the need to replace it and they are often excellent value for money.  They can be designed to match the rest of your bathroom suite and come in a range of styles.

Those who have a larger bathroom may prefer to have a corner shower enclosure, with a curved door which slides back.  For smaller spaces there are the square shower enclosures which take up a little less room.  They are also available in a D-shape, with bi-fold doors or pivot doors.

There are several advantages to a shower cubicle as opposed to using a shower over a bath.  They are solid enclosures which can keep the water contained, they are easily cleaned and maintained, and there is no need to deal with shower curtains that quickly become dirty and torn.  They also take up much less space than a bath, making them ideal for smaller areas. 

The latest enclosures are designed as a combined shower/steam cabinet.  They come in a range of sizes and with all the gadgetry required to offer a complete shower experience.

Bathroom design – choosing a new bath

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There is a lot to consider when choosing a bath. At one time you had a choice of white or a small range of pastel colours, there was little variation in style. Today’s bathroom shops have a huge range of different styles and colours and there is a lot more choice.

Not all baths are the same size so the space available should be measured carefully. The capacity of a bath is also important because most people fill their bath to just over half full. If you opt for a large, deep bath, you might need as much as 40 gallons of water per bath. Your hot water system needs to be able to cope with this or you will not be able to run a full bath from one tank of hot water.

Choosing the material a new bath is made of depends on how much you wish to spend and how hard wearing you expect it to be.  Fibreglass is the best choice if cost is important but this material will not last as long as porcelain or acrylic.  Designer baths made of wood and stone are also available, but they are very expensive and may need lots of careful maintenance. A cast iron bath will last a very long time, but as with stone you will need a floor that is strong enough to hold the weight.

Then there is the option of having water jets or a whirlpool unit built in; these make a very luxurious bath, but the water consumption may be higher. This is a consideration if you have a water meter, or a small hot water tank. These also consume electricity, which may be a consideration to you.

Remodelling a Small Bathroom

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The first thing to consider when remodelling a small bathroom is the fact that you are bound to have all kinds of things cluttering up your bathroom, and because it is so small, you need to provide bathroom storage so that everything is neatly out of sight but can still be found easily and quickly.

Whether you are intending to do any work yourself, or you want to get an expert to do the job for you, drawing a plan of what you had in mind will help you to visualize it. Have a look at magazines, catalogues and other places where there are pictures of bathroom layouts and designs and note down any fittings that you particularly like. Then you will have some idea of what you want when you put it all together. You may change your mind on some items, such as bath, taps, or even basin shape but that is all part of the design process.

Fitting a sliding door will save space in a small bathroom and a shelving unit built around the sink or the installation of a vanity unit will save lots of space and provide storage. Many people get rid of their bath, which takes up so much space in a bathroom, and fit a shower cubicle with a curved or sliding door and a compact shower units like the Grohe Euphoria Shower System. This is a good idea for saving space but you need to be sure that you will not decide later that you should have kept your bath.

Think about what you have in your small bathroom and get rid of anything that is not really essential and store it somewhere else. You may be surprised at how much more space there seems to be by doing this one simple thing.

Shower Enclosures – adding style to your bathroom

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The convenience of a shower is definitely one of its big selling points but more and more these days, showers are actually becoming the focal point of bathrooms. Many people are opting to get rid of their bath altogether and install a stand-alone shower cubicle. There has never been a better range of options available. Showers and enclosures can now be the epitome of style. Of course, even if you have an over bath shower, which is a necessity when space is at a premium, there are still many options for modernising this arrangement with an abundance of shower screens on the market.

The options for a stand-alone shower cubicle are plentiful. They come in a range of sizes, styles, shapes and colours and can be constructed from many different materials. Obviously the options available to you depend on the space you have available but even if you feel that you have limited space, many manufacturers actually offer a bespoke service with made to measure enclosures. However, you do need to bear in mind that there has to be enough room for you to shower in the cubicle!

As with any bathroom feature, if you have a larger budget then there are more extravagant choices available to you including shower enclosures for more than one person or seated cubicles where you can sit and relax while the water flows over you. One thing is for sure, there is a shower enclosure out there to suit you no matter what your requirements are.

Choosing a new bathroom suite

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Bathroom suites have the potential to offer a huge amount of versatility and are able to fit in with any possible design idea that you may have. The key to good bathroom design is minimalism; removing anything from the bathroom that does not really need to be there.

One of the most popular bathroom suites is the white bathroom suite design. Bathrooms are often complemented by the calming effect of a white bathroom suite, supported by a warming wall colour that fits in with the taste and style of your dream idea of what your bathroom suite should look like.

With many new-build homes now incorporating small bathrooms into their designs, minimalist white bathroom suites undoubtedly fit the criteria, as they make the space appear larger and brighter.

In opting for a white bathroom suite you are giving the opportunity to work with a blank canvas, as white goes with pretty much every colour; therefore you are able to complement your bathroom with a splash of colour that is suited to your style and taste.

Bathroom accessories or well chosen bathroom furniture can also accentuate and bring to life all white bathroom suites. You can add designer radiators or standard bathroom radiators; you could even just have just a shower cubicle or shower enclosure without the need for a bath at all.

The possibilities with white bathroom suites are endless and to add that touch of style you can consider decorative basin taps, bath taps and a focal point bathroom mirror, which will go a long way to bringing your minimalist white bathroom suite to life.

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with a mirror

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Along with all other bathroom accessories or bathroom furniture, the bathroom mirror comes in a multitude of styles and designs from which to choose.

An illuminated bathroom mirror will either have lights attached to the top, or have a cabinet that opens with another mirror on the inside, around which there will be lights. There are even some that are framed by LED lights and in the right bathroom supporting the right theme and style, they can look very attractive.

Another variation of bathroom mirrors is the bathroom mirror cabinet. These mirrors are a dual combination, consisting of a mirror and a medicine cabinet all built into one functional piece of bathroom furniture. These mirrors are very useful in bathrooms with little space and they not only provide a bathroom mirror, but also an alternative storage facility. The bathroom mirror cabinet proves to be very popular in one-bedroom room apartments or small houses with smaller family bathroom suites.  Bathroom mirrors that are flush to the wall, without a cabinet are also an option. If you are looking to purchase a bathroom mirror from this category then this is when the options open up.

There are many ideas to choose from including; wood framed mirrors, ceramic framed mirrors with complicated designs, stone framed mirrors, or square, oval or round mirrors. 

Yet whatever your taste or style, make sure you choose the bathroom mirror that is suited to the ambience of your bathroom. Usually the bathroom mirror can become the feature focal point of your bathroom so ensure that it is in keeping with your theme.

Steps to a Perfect DIY Bathroom

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If your bathroom has seen better days, it’s time to renovate. Like kitchens, good bathrooms can add appreciable value to your home without amounting to major property development. DIY painting, decorating and plastering skills will take you a long way, without substantial building work or calling the architects in.

Start by thinking about whether the layout can be improved. Would a walk-in shower look better than the tub? Are the basin and WC ideally located or could they be moved to enhance space? Don’t forget about drainage runs and soil pipes here, though, the latter are especially difficult to relocate. Next, physically map the layout using your body as a guide; are the soap dishes and bathroom cabinets or anything else you use frequently, within comfortable reach? Will you require extensive re-plumbing if you shift the basin or tub/shower?

Think about the fixtures, properly chosen, they can add verve to a bathroom. Is the design you’re seeking ultra-modern or classically elegant? Gleaming, modern chrome taps and showerheads can be beautiful, but so can elegant Victorian alternatives, it’s best not to mix them, though. A generous bathroom mirror or two can make a small space look twice the size.

Choose lighting carefully, a bathroom can be made to look warm and inviting or cold and forbidding, depending on what lighting you use. Remember, any lighting above areas where water is used must have a special safety rating.

Finally, soften harsh lines and angles with touches of fabric, even towels can help and some strategically placed potted plants.