Tradesman prefer British made bathroom fixtures and fittings

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Just moved into a new house? Or had your bathroom refitted, then chances are that the tradesman used British made fixtures and fittings. A recent survey by a top UK bathroom supplier has revealed that 47% of tradesman believe that bathroom fixtures and fittings made in the UK are the most reliable, with China ranked second with 19% and German made products third with 13% of the vote.

As well as being reliable, those interviewed also felt like the British made products lasted longer and had a better design than there foreign counterparts. While 38% of respondents claimed not to care where the products came from as long as they did the job, a massive 62% said that they preferred to use British made products because they last longer, are built to better tolerances and parts were easier to source.

This is great news for British manufacturers, especially those who specialise in bathroom fixtures and fittings, and it does show the world that we can at least produce something right.

For those who are looking for British made bathroom fixtures and fittings there are many top brands to choose from including Armitage Shanks, St. James, Kudos showers and Ellis Furniture to name a few.

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