Treating fencing panels

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Purpose made fencing panels are normally treated against wood rot and insect attack when they are manufactured. However, over time these will fade and lose colour, but more importantly the actual fungicide/insecticide will also leach way and lose its effectiveness leaving the panels susceptible to problems. It is worth remembering that two natural elements that will age and degrade wood these are ultraviolet light and water. Using a wood preservative significantly increases the lifespan and maintains the natural beauty of wood. So restoring the golden colour and protecting them is not a difficult thing to do, but there are some important questions to ask yourself before covering everything with wood preservative.

By definition anything that penetrates a wood will, in some way, protect it, but the best way is to use a good proprietary wood preservative. Oil based one are the most efficient and last longer that water based ones. The oil based contain petroleum based solvents which soak into the wood, a good water based one should contain silicone or wax additives to repel water, not all do though and they will leach out quickly. There are a number of ways in which the wood preservative can be applied and a number have built in spray guns to make the job easier, but a word of caution, if you do not want to cover your own and your neighbour’s car with brown spray avoid these. Also as the preservative has a fungicide in it, your plants will not be very happy either and will die. The same can happen with a roller application too, so brush the preservative on, it takes longer, but the result is that you will get more preservative onto and into the wood and less around the home; brushes should be cleaned in white spirit.

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