Types of beds to choose from

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Many people unfortunately still think of a bed as a surface to lie unconscious on, and give only cursory consideration to the frame, and often none at all to the mattress. This is a mistake, because a bed is a major purchase in terms of quality of life. If you’re going to spend up to half your life in a bed, you’ll want it to be perfectly suited to your needs.

Mattresses are certainly the most important part of any bed, with the frame itself serving a decorative and aesthetic function. Mattresses and their bases, where applicable, use various technologies to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. Open spring mattresses are the conventional type, with springs supported by layers of polymers and natural fibres applying uniform resistance throughout the mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses are more sophisticated, with individually-docked springs working independently to different boy weights. These mattresses are better for those sleeping with a partner of different bulk, but are generally more comfortable than their open spring counterparts.

Bear in mind that the quality of the springs themselves is more important than their number.

With metal beds, wooden beds, children’s beds, guest beds, bunk beds, leather beds and many more types to choose from, you’re sure to find the beds best for you.

Don’t forget the humble headboards either. These can be veritable fashion accessories these days, wall-mounted to free up space and of contemporary or classic design. Anyone who likes reading or watching TV in bed knows the value of headboards.

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