What does Repurposing Furniture Mean?

Author: dpinning  //  Category: DIY Tips, Interior Design

The idea of repurposing is: Making something new out of something old. Taking old furniture and household items and creating a new piece of furniture or giving an old piece of furniture a makeover.

As people look to be more economical or environmentally conscious, repurposing means that there may not be a necessity to ‘throw away’ an old piece of furniture. Rather fashion it into something which will fit your new scheme, or make something that may be broken into something useful. It does take some creative insight or imagination to repurpose furniture, but there are plenty of websites and tutorials online which can help. You don’t have to have a knack for DIY, many of the skills used can be pretty easily self-taught.

The options are endless, you can keep your original furniture, just give it a fresh new update with a coat of paint, new legs, new handles or a recover in fresh material. If you’re looking for new furniture because you don’t have anything suitable or need something, check out auctions, scrapyards or second hand sales, for items of furniture which you can repurpose, for your needs.

If your struggling for ideas, check out furniture magazines and cut out items you like. You can use these as inspiration or try and recreate it, with the old furniture you find. So if you feel like your furniture needs a bit of a makeover, and you can afford to buy new and want to help the environment then why not have a look at  repurposing what you already have.

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